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A complete trading experience from AI assisted trade ideas, research and trade entries.


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Owens Systems provides a complete trading experience from software to hardware. This helps to provide clients with a platform to efficiently and effectively evaluate a market decision in as little time as possible. This starts with our complete custom interface designed personally for individual client for whatever your needs may be. We are able to integrate advanced features from technical analysis to AI assisted trading. The second part of the Owens System, is our unique trading keyboard. This unique device provides our users with ease of use, as well as advanced security features by way of a physical login system.

The Software

Features of our software include and are not limited to.

  • Welcome Screen
  • Technical Analysis
  • Market News with Indicators
  • News Sentiment Analysis
  • Algorithmic Trading

In addition to these features above, we are able to other advanced features such as integrated trading, additional markets and even analysis of other types of securities.

The Hardware

Whats Special?

Our Uniquely designed trading keyboard allows for ease of use and speed in performing tasks. This is one of the man key features that differentiates the Owens System from other trading platforms.


To protect your confidential data, the Owens System integrates an advanced login system called SWIPE. This unique device features an integrated display in order to complete 2 factor authentication system before account access is granted.

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